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Sparked Digital Turns 4! (Plus, 4 Things We’ve Learned in 4 Years)

This month, Sparked turned 4!

It feels like just yesterday that we were heading out on our own with the intention of building something special and unique for our clients. 

And here we are, four years later and going strong. 

As we look back on our four years (three of which have included a global pandemic), we’re proud of all the things we’ve learned along the way and how we’ve been able to help our clients shine online.

Here are four of the things we’ve learned in our four years:

1. Privacy is Paramount

Privacy is, of course, an absolute must for all our clients and their clients. But as the digital landscape has changed–particularly over the past three years–privacy has shifted into a new iteration that demands more of businesses and companies, and rightly so. This also includes the shift away from third-party cookies.

Privacy is crucial and that’s something we take very seriously. When we work with our clients on their websites and digital strategies, privacy is one of the top solutions we work towards, for everyone.

2. The Digital World Should be Accessible

As businesses move towards a mostly digital presence, their websites have become their primary (and sometimes only) store and business front. And like any physical space, a digital space has to be inclusive–that also means accessible.

By helping our clients improve their website’s accessibility, we help solve a crucial problem for them–and their clients–by making sure that everyone can access services, when they need them, and how they need them.

To learn more about accessible websites, check out this useful guide.

3. The Digital World is Dynamic

Once upon a time, it was perfectly fine for your digital presence to be static–same messaging and experience for everyone. This is basically the digital hologram of a physical store or business-front.

Things have changed, and so have we. Curating a unique digital experience for all visitors helps our clients solve a lot of their online problems, so they can shine online.

4. AI is Here to Stay, and We’re Embracing It Thoughtfully

It’s hard to deny that AI isn’t an integral part of our digital world–because it is. And this is something that we’ve embraced in unique ways.

AI text tools are becoming fairly ubiquitous, and digital marketers and developers are looking towards AI as a partner in their strategies. We’re here to help with that – in a thoughtful and ethical manner.

To learn more about how digital marketers can use AI in their strategies, check out this article.

Proudly Moving Forward

As we now enter into our fifth year, we’re proud of the progress we’ve made and the relationships we’ve forged.

We’re moving forward with our clients, continuing to help them solve their marketing challenges, and creating an online presence that shines.

To learn more about our work, head over here.

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