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Sparked’s CEO, Anthony Ramsundar, Gives Back Through Toronto’s Mentoring Program

Giving back to our community is something we work hard to make time for.

That’s why, in spring 2023, Anthony Ramsundar, Sparked’s CEO and Co-Founder, joined the City of Toronto’s Entrepreneur Mentoring Program as an entrepreneur mentor.

Since then, he’s worked with several Toronto-based entrepreneurs who are new in their journeys, helping them advance their businesses and providing digital marketing guidance along the way.

The Entrepreneur Mentoring Program pairs established entrepreneurs with new business owners in the Toronto area to provide guidance, encouragement and expertise, and to help them thrive in the difficult world of entrepreneurship.

Anthony brings nearly 20 years of experience to this role, helping brands build, advertise and optimize their online presence using leading platforms and technologies. He combines a technical and strategic lens and, before co-founding Sparked, worked for many years as a senior leader in the corporate world.

At Sparked, we see giving back as an imperative. Since day one, we’ve provided our services on a pro bono basis to various community organizations. Anthony’s tenure as a mentor is our latest way of giving back.

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