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Sparked Provides Website Management So ThoughtWire Can Stay Focused

ThoughtWire brings building operational data together to help businesses and institutions run more efficiently.

These days, data is king, but collecting data and turning it into something useful are two very different things. ThoughtWire’s applications are designed for hospitals, buildings and cities to unlock the value of data generated from built environments. They combined that data with context from people, processes and IoT devices.

ThoughtWire’s technology can help building operators better understand how their HVAC systems work together, and clinicians better communicate medical information about patients as they move from surgery to recovery to discharge.

The Problem

ThoughtWire Needed to Stay Focused on Making Built Spaces Smarter

ThoughtWire has a lot of highly skilled experts working with them, and their leadership wanted them to be able to focus on their core priorities. 

This meant less time for things like updating and maintaining their website.

ThoughtWire engaged Sparked Digital to act as their trusted partner for website maintenance and operations.

The Solution

Sparked Digital Helps ThoughtWire Focus on What They Do Best

The tasks we were initially given to complete included:

  • Core WordPress and plugin updates
  • Performance monitoring
  • Security monitoring
  • Daily backups, plus snapshot and staging environments as needed

Taking on these functions meant that the ThoughtWire team could continue to focus on building up their own technology, and creating trusting relationships with commercial real estate and health care customers across North America and globally.

Accelerating Website Performance

While Sparked was working on streamlining the day-to-day operations of the ThoughtWire website, we identified an opportunity to improve the site’s overall performance.

To accomplish this, our team implemented changes including:

  • Creating a CDN (content delivery network) and caching system
  • Optimizing CSS and javascript files
  • Improving image loading

Sparked Digital Focuses on Results

By implementing these improvements, the results were measurable:

  • Website performance score skyrocketed from 32% to 92%
  • LCP (largest contentful paint) went from 4.5 seconds to 600 milliseconds
  • CLS (cumulative layout shift) went from 0.83 to 0
  • Overall website load time decreased from 8.7 seconds to 2.1 seconds

The overall result is a website that runs faster and ranks higher in search engines.

Great Partnerships Make for Great Outcomes

A great partnership is one where all parties work together to provide a seamless and efficient process. 

By letting Sparked take on their website, ThoughtWire had more room to focus on what they do best. Alongside this, we also identified some additional opportunities for improvement. Win, win.

Services Delivered

Website maintenance

Managed hosting

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