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Our Work

End-to-End Digital Marketing Services Help HealthHub Thrive

Our Work

End-to-End Digital Marketing Services Help HealthHub Thrive

HealthHub is a leading provider of digital bedside patient engagement solutions.

With their technology found in over 200 hospitals and 33,000 hospital rooms across Canada, HealthHub Patient Engagement Solutions (HealthHub) delivers solutions that support patients, clinicians and hospital systems – starting at the bedside. 

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The Partnership

A Relationship Built to Last

When HealthHub and Sparked first partnered in 2019, HealthHub needed a new website that aligned with their branding and positioning.

Over the years that followed, Sparked continued to play a pivotal role in defining and executing HealthHub’s digital marketing strategy and managing their website which was receiving nearly 60,000 pageviews per month.

“Sparked has been a long-term partner to us. They’ve been there as we’ve evolved and have been vital in helping us grow our business through their digital marketing and technology services.” – Client

Our Work

End-to-End Digital Marketing Solutions

Since 2019, Sparked worked closely with HealthHub’s marketing team to deliver and execute an integrated digital marketing strategy. While the engagement started as a simple website redesign, the relationship grew into a lasting partnership.

Over the years, Sparked supported HealthHub with:

  • Developing a fully-rebranded website that’s translated in English and French, has accessibility features, and has helped positioned HealthHub as a brand leader and authority in digital bedside technology.
  • Website maintenance, hosting and support, ensuring a seamless experience right-sized for its large volume of daily pageviews.
  • Creating a reimagined digital strategy and presence that aligned with the company’s direction.
  • Executing top, mid and lower funnel digital marketing campaigns including Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, remarketing and content marketing.
  • Writing content and designing display ads for placement in industry publications such as Canadian Healthcare Technology and Hospital News.
  • Developing a custom app that integrates with their ecommerce solution and supports a better patient experience.
  • Managing their LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, including planning, creating and posting content, and leading community management, for an audience of 5,000 followers.

“When it comes to digital marketing and our website, Sparked is always there for us. They’re great to work with and always reliable and responsive. They’re a true partner and I enjoy our meetings each week to review results and discuss new opportunities.” – Client

The Results

1. Improved User Experience & Reduced Costs

a. Better Rental Experience

One of the key projects that Sparked worked on with HealthHub was building a dynamic application for patients to use to rent HealthHub’s services from their hospital room.

Because the services HealthHub provides vary by hospital, not all patients have the same options available. That meant the solution we designed needed to be customizable and dynamic based on bed location. It also had to have options for accessibility and French translation.

With the new bedside application, myHealthHub, hospitals have seen:

  • Reduction in customers calling HealthHub’s call centre
  • Drastic increase in completed orders, going from 40% to over 74%
  • Reduction in HealthHub’s overall call centre expenses

b. Modernized Contact Process

Another area for improvement that Sparked and HealthHub identified was the website’s Contact Us page. Previously, the page included a generic contact form, and a list of phone numbers for each of HealthHub’s offices across Ontario.

This layout resulted in emails that couldn’t be answered in real time, and frustrated calls from patients in hospitals.

Using a process flow outlined by HealthHub, our team built an interactive Contact Us page that uses a digital decision tree to help customers find solutions to their problems and answers to their questions online.

With this user experience (UX) change, HealthHub saw:

  • A drastic increase in UX flow of almost 74% of patients moving to the Rent Now page.
  • Increase in utilization of the decision tree, allowing for more user autonomy and self-directed experience.
  • An increase in rental sales.
  • Decreased call centre contacts.

2. Increased Engagement with Hospital Decision-Makers

One of the challenges with a business model like HealthHub’s is accessing hospital decision-makers. Those decision-makers may not have brand awareness or even realize that there’s a solution to their problems available.

In the past, HealthHub offered hospital buyers and related decision-makers literature on the company’s products, but it was difficult to access new prospects.
This resulted in a bottleneck in HealthHub’s sales funnel.

Together, Sparked and HealthHub strategized a paid social media campaign centered around product-led content that spoke to the needs of hospital decision-makers.

Here’s how we did that:

  • Developed a targeted social media campaign to hospital managers and C-suite executives buyer profile.
  • Prepared a product-led ebook resource called “Moving Beyond ROI: How to Bring Digital Health Technology to Patients Now.”
  • Focused on starting conversations that closed the gap between improved patient outcomes, hospital workflows and system-wide healthcare costs.
  • Leveraged on this product-led content in exchange for prospects’ email addresses for future retargeted email drip campaigns.

This targeted ebook campaign saw excellent results:

  • Ebook downloads increased 500% over previous content downloads.
  • Cost per conversion dropped by 87.5%.

Because of this campaign and focusing on the buyer journey and value offered, HealthHub’s ROI improved significantly.

“In the past, we struggled to reach those prospects who would be the decision-makers. By partnering with Sparked, we were able to retarget our marketing campaigns, ultimately creating a buyer journey that would speak to both those decision-makers and their clients, the patients.” – Client

Services Delivered

Digital strategy


WordPress & app development

Managed hosting

Search engine marketing (SEM)

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Email marketing

Social media management

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