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Solve your biggest digital marketing problems.

Solve your biggest digital marketing problems.

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Digital marketing has gotten complex.

87% of marketers struggle with making digital marketing decisions.

The options are endless. Advertising is more expensive. Buyer journeys are longer.
KPIs are harder to determine. Privacy rules are changing.

And the pressure is on to do it right.


We help solve digital marketing problems, everyday

We take a problem solving approach to digital marketing. Whatever challenge you’re facing, we’ll sit down with you and figure it out together.

Whether you need a better website or digital strategy, a new mix of online advertising or stronger copy, we’ll help activate your brand in a way that gets you measurable results.


Challenges we often hear

"We're struggling to connect with our audience."

"We don't have the skillset or time to do it internally."

"Our website needs a major overhaul - but where should we start?"

"We've worked with bad agencies before, and want people we can trust."


Delivering results

Sparked Breathes New Life into the Hydrogen Council's Website

With 140+ members globally, the Hydrogen Council needed a website to match their international influence.

Laneway's Brand Comes to Life with Award-Winning Website

See how Sparked delivered a stunning website for this luxury spirit brand inspired by Canada’s beauty.

End-to-End Digital Marketing Services Help HealthHub Thrive

From a custom app and website to SEM services, read how Sparked helped this health tech company grow.


In the words of our clients


Your questions, 
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What digital marketing problems are you facing?

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