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Sparked Donates Website to Chromosome 18 Canada

At Sparked, community and advocacy are integral to who we are as a team and business. That’s why we’re proud to announce the donation of a website, including copywriting, design and development, to support the Chromosome 18 Canadian Family Reunion.

About the Chromosome 18 Canadian Family Reunion

The Chromosome 18 Canadian Family Reunion is a community gathering of individuals, and their families, who are affected by chromosome 18 abnormalities. It’s the first annual event of this nature that focuses on creating space for family, caregivers and friends to connect and support each other.

This event takes place July 10-12, 2022 and offers workshops, education and an opportunity to connect with others who have faced challenges related to chromosome 18 abnormalities.

What are Chromosome 18 Abnormalities?

Chromosome 18 abnormalities, often referred to as Trisomy 18 or Edward’s syndrome, is a genetic mutation in chromosome 18. It can have significant life impacts, such as growth retardation, intellectual disabilities, heart defects and other potentially life-threatening medical conditions.

How Did Sparked Help?

Working closely with organizers of the event, the Sparked team was happy to write, design and build a full WordPress website, which Sparked donated to support the event.

The website includes a family-friendly design, a multi-step registration form to collect key information and an ecommerce store to sell event merchandise.

The result? The organizing team now has a place to share event details with attendees, streamline registration and pre-sell event merchandise.

This means they can spend less time doing these tasks manually, and more time planning the event itself.

Check it Out

The Chromosome 18 Canadian Family Reunion website was launched in May 2022, and Sparked is pleased and honoured to be able to help!

Visit the website to learn more: chromosome18.ca.

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